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Do you have an unwritten story? Phelmark’s ghostwriting services can transform your ideas into exceptionally unique and compelling narratives.


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Your story, our words– contact us today for ghostwriting services that transform your ideas into engaging realities.

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What is a Ghostwriter Anyway?

First thing out of the way: What exactly is a ghostwriter? Well, we definitely don’t float or scare people! While our expertise may seem supernatural, it is all realistic hard work. So, you could say that a ghostwriter writes on behalf of a client, officially crediting them as the author.

We can create anything from news articles to media releases. Many people hire our ghostwriters to save time on crafting quality content while maintaining their name on the byline.

Who Needs Ghostwriting Services?

  • Brands and companies. Brands and businesses can use ghostwriting services to create marketing materials, press releases, and other literary work.

Ghostwriting services can serve a wide range of people. So, if you are wondering whether you need Phelmark’s ghostwriting services, check if you are a match for the following categories:

  • Content creators. Socialites, bloggers, vloggers, and other online creators can hire Phelmark ghostwriters for engaging content that aligns with their niche.
  • Business professionals. Business leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs can hire our ghostwriters for speeches, presentations, and articles to communicate their ideas professionally.
  • Public figures. Public figures such as celebrities, politicians, musicians, and brand representatives can use ghostwriting services for content that maintains their personal brand.
  • Individuals with personal projects. Anyone with a story to tell, such as novels, eBooks, autobiographies, and articles, can seek ghostwriting services to share their narratives.
  • Academic scholars. Researchers, professors, and students can use our ghostwriters to help write research papers, articles, and books that contribute to their academic field.

Benefits of Phelmark's Ghostwriting Services

There are plenty of reasons why clients come to us for ghostwriting needs. The top qualities that separate us from other service providers include the following:


It’s our job to create content for you. We conduct in-depth research, write, edit, and even do revisions to ensure we meet your goals and communicate to your preferred audience. And we do it all on time. We respect deadlines so that you can stay on track.

Quality-Driven and Customized

Quick turnarounds are great, but that doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality. Our ghostwriters aim for quality content that’s unique, relevant, and up-to-date. In addition, we don’t take the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we customize the content to match your brand’s tone and needs.

SEO Knowledge

As experienced ghostwriters, we know a lot about creating optimized content. We apply SEO writing strategies to ensure your audience can find your content in a sea of online blogs and articles. If your mission is to boost your ranking on search engines, our ghostwriting services can help get you there!


We do our job well so audiences won’t be able to tell you used ghostwriting services. Years of experience allow our ghostwriters to accurately match your tone so readers have the same trust and confidence in what you say.

Idea Generation

We’re not just writers; we are innovators. We can help you piece the gaps in your narratives so you can communicate efficiently.

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